Food Genius Expands Client Roster With the Addition of Hormel and The Coca-Cola Co.

Food Genius, the leader in foodservice data and insights, is excited to be partnering with the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA), joining the roster of sponsors for the Marketing and Sales Leaders Forum taking place this week in Rich's Products Corp.'s new innovation Center in Buffalo, NY. Aug 5-6. IFMA is the premier membership organization for the foodservice manufacturer industry where Food Genius is a new member.

"IFMA is one of the best sources of valuable industry content and training, as well as producing some of the most highly-anticipated industry events of the year," says Eli Rosenberg, VP of Marketing. "Our membership not only assists us in raising our profile in the industry, but also gives us a platform to showcase some of the industry content we'll be developing throughout the year. We look forward to being an active member of IFMA in 2014 and the years ahead."

Food Genius has also announced that Hormel Foods, a leading multinational manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, brand name food and meat products, has chosen Food Genius as a new analytics and insights provider. Hormel will utilize the Food Genius Reports platform, consisting of the most comprehensive restaurant menu analytics dashboard available, off-the-shelf industry research and custom reporting services through Food Genius' Engage! Platform. This platform is employed by leading foodservice companies to develop research, analyses, insights and opportunities that support the development of new products, optimization of marketing and aid in the sales process.

"Hormel is an ideal client for Food Genius and we're proud they have joined the ranks of other Food Genius clients; companies who understand that the future of foodservice is going to be data driven and are ensuring their success by sourcing the most accurate insights available," states Food Genius CEO, Justin Massa. "Hormel is known the world over for their innovative products, brands and fantastic marketing. We are thrilled that we will be able to contribute nuanced data-based insights and analysis to their innovation process, ultimately driving a greater understanding of the foodservice landscape."

In addition to Hormel, The Coca-Cola Co., the global leader of the beverage industry, is testing a similar collaboration with Food Genius. The Coca-Cola Co. will employ Food Genius Reports in order to help develop new strategies for the Foodservice Group.

Food Genius is delighted to be working on this test with Coca-Cola and marks a turning point for the company as Food Genius continues to grow. This engagement provides an opportunity to leverage advanced proprietary technology which has greatly evolved overall data coverage and led to, among other things, highly granular coverage around regional pricing and local market offerings.

Food Genius recently unveiled their new website which now offers a complete resources section filled with downloadable insights. See the new look at