Shiftgig Acquires BookedOut in a Chi Tech Merger

In November of 2015, Chicago-based Shiftgig, an online marketplace that connects workers with part-time jobs, raised a $22 million Series B. And it looks like it's using some of that money to acquire another Chicago startup.

Shiftgig announced that it has acquired BookedOut, a 1-year-old logistics platform that connects experiential marketing workers with experiential agencies and brands. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Like Shiftgig, BookedOut is also a marketplace for hourly workers, but with a focus on the event space. With the acquisition, Shiftgig adds 10,000 more pre-qualified workers to its platform, which includes brand ambassadors, product demonstrators, set up crews, and other event freelancer gigs.

Launched in 2012, Shiftgig is a platform for businesses to fill and manage short-term job assignments, and it gives people looking for work the option to choose from thousands of available shifts at local companies. Workers can find gigs in foodservice, hospitality, retail, warehouse, and other industries, and Shiftgig even helped Nike staff brand ambassadors at the Super Bowl.

“The combined companies share similar core values and vision and are headquartered only two blocks from each other," Eddie Lou, CEO and co-founder of Shiftgig, said in a statement. "Joining forces, we will become the smartest and easiest way for the hourly workforce and businesses to connect.”

"We are thrilled about the transaction and the opportunities it will provide for our clients, our partners, and employees," added Jay Lenstrom, CEO of BookedOut. "BookedOut helps agencies and consumer brands maximize the impact of a mobile workforce through best in class technology and service and in combination with Shiftgig would further enhance that capability."

Shiftgig has raised a total of $36 million, and over 1,400 businesses have used Shiftgig to manage their temporary labor.