Telnyx Recognized as Cisco Meraki Carrier for Enterprise VoIP

Telnyx, a leading provider of global carrier-grade VoIP services, announced today its partnership with Cisco Meraki as its exclusive SIP trunking provider in Canada. Telnyx’s unique Mission Control™ portal and API give users the ability to instantly provision and elastically scale telephony services on-demand in more than 30 countries.

Telnyx’s solution helps fill a gap in the market for Meraki, allowing the company to quickly expand its managed communications footprint worldwide.

“Teaming up with Meraki was bound to happen. As two companies focused on empowering users through easy-to-use software, we were able to work together to get a product to market in record time. We’re excited to strengthen our partnership as we collaborate on a global roll-out,” said David Casem, CEO at Telnyx.

This partnership allows Meraki, which offers a comprehensive set of solutions in wireless, switching, security and communications, all managed through their cloud interface to further extend its reach in the North American market. Integrating Telnyx’s voice API into this dashboard enables enterprises to further seize new business opportunities and reduce operational costs when it comes to their collaboration tools.

Companies can now take advantage of the cost-savings and efficiencies that VoIP can offer over traditional telco offerings without sacrificing the quality of a carrier-grade experience through Telnyx’s unique private network. By pulling traffic off the public internet at its nearest point of presence, Telnyx ensures a secure and high-quality call every time.

“Partnering with Cisco Meraki as their premier VoIP provider means a lot to the Telnyx team. It’s a testament to the work that we do as we commit to delivering the best in next-gen communications,” said Ian Reither, COO at Telnyx.

"The Meraki MC74 is a new way to think about communications systems. It is enterprise-grade communications for the modern user, and this is reflected in the straightforward design of both the phone UI and management dashboard. Most people don't actually believe how easy it is to set up until they've done it themselves. One of the main ways we can provide this unbelievably easy onboarding experience is through partnerships with companies like Telnyx, and we're very excited to launch MC in Canada with them,” said June Cong, product marketing manager at Cisco Meraki.